TOP 5 Best Blu-Ray Players [ 2022 Buyer’s Guide ]


Blu-Ray players are excellent devices for viewing high-definition films. They’re a great addition to any home theater system. When looking to buy a Blu-Ray player there are a few things to consider; durability, features and ease of setup. So keep reading to find out which one is suited to your needs.

Currently Top 10 Best Blu-Ray Players According to Amazon

Best Blu-Ray Players

Before we get started with our article detailing the Best Blu-Ray Players on the market we have included links for each product mentioned. So make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range.

So, here are the top five Best Blu-Ray Players.


The fifth product on our list is the GEOYEAO.

Blu Ray DVD Player, 1080P Home Theater Disc...
1,188 Reviews
Blu Ray DVD Player, 1080P Home Theater Disc...
  • 【HDMI Connections】The Geoyeao EVP-102 1080p DVD Player delivers optimized...
  • 【USB Connections and AV Connections】 This player's front-mounted USB port...
  • 【Surround Sound】This Blu-ray formats support multichannel surround sound such as...

There’s no beating Blu-ray players when it comes to picture and sound quality. But if you haven’t yet switched entirely over to this format you need to opt for a Blu-Ray player such as this one from GEOYEAO which ensures compatibility with literally all file formats. This GEOYEAO Blu-Ray DVD Player will help immerse you into the world of high-definition images and high-quality sound paired with modern functionality. Despite the amount of things this unit can do, it’s pretty sleek and compact unlike the huge space taxing VCR combos of old. This player features a front-mounted USB port that supports playback of a wide variety of formats. So if you’re connecting this Blu-Ray player to a non-HDMI-equipped TV, a composite video output AV Connection or a USB drive. There are multiple connection options available for more flexibility.

 Moreover, the Geoyeao also works as a 1080p DVD player that delivers optimized DVD and CD content with its high-performance digital-to-analog converters. Not only is this but the DVD player is compatible with NTSC and PAL systems. So it can also play DVDs from all regions. 

Additionally, there’s an innovative scan mode built into the player that can upscale DVDs via its HDMI output up to 1080p quality. 

What’s more, this Blu-ray player has format-supported multichannel surround sound options. So it’s compatible with Blu-ray Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, Dolby TrueHD and DTS. This instantly makes it the perfect addition to any home theater as you’ll be able to enjoy all types of films with precise sound as well as exquisite detail. Just as was intended by the movie director. 

Lastly, this unit has the ability to even play lagging DVDs as if they were brand new. So you won’t have to replace your old DVD collection.

  • It’s highly compatible.
  • It works with a range of sound systems.
  • It can fix lagging DVDs as well as upscale them to 1080p.
  • It has a low quality remote with no batteries.
  • When it’s placed on a hard surface, it makes a lot of noise while running.

The GEOYEAO is a highly compatible system that allows you to rewatch faded old DVDs with new clarity along with enjoying high-quality Blu-Ray.

4. Tojock

Up next in fourth place is the Tojock. 

It may seem to be all about streaming these days but those who have spent years collecting physical copies of their favorite shows and movies can still enjoy them at a higher quality through the power of a Blu-ray player like this one from TOJOCK. Playing a Blu-ray disc through this device will give your entertainment media of choice a giant leap forward in terms of picture quality, taking things from SD to HD 1080p. Although TOJOCK might not be a household name. This player is still a very affordable Blu-ray player that’s packed with the most typically required features. There’s support for Blu-ray discs from Region A and Region B. Although it is worth mentioning that, unfortunately, there is no Region C support. However, other discs such as DVDs, can be from any region. The good news is that the 1080p Full HD playback isn’t restricted to your Blu-ray discs like the last product, there’s an SD DVD upscaling option. 

Overall, it’s a great device to consider if you have discs from plenty of different regions and don’t require streaming capabilities. 

What’s more, It can be connected to a TV, Projector or Portable monitor with the provided cables. You can use the Audio/Video cable provided to connect to older TVs without the need for an HDMI input jack. 

Moreover, it supports an automatic correction function that touches-up scratched disks and can bring you a better visual experience. 

Additionally, it has a rapid reading speed, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for it to warm up. It’s made from high-quality materials and with a solid feeling drive core. That makes this sturdy device a reliable, long-lasting option. 

Furthermore, with its compact size and easy to set up process, this unit will be immensely convenient for any home. Just plug power then connect AV cable or HDMI cable to the TV, projector or portable monitor then choose signal input on them accordingly. Then it’s simply a matter of inserting your Blu-ray, DVD or USB and you can start enjoying your movies, music, photos in perfect clarity.

  • It has a tremendous Upscaling system.
  • It’s well made, so it should last for a long time to come.
  • It is pretty simple to set up and start using.
  • Its remote control is difficult to use.
  • It seems unable to play CD’s which could be a dealbreaker for some.

The Tojock is a great option for anyone with a cupboard full of DVDs and Blu-Ray disks they never get to play. 

Still haven’t found a Blu-Ray Player that meets your needs? Well, keep reading because we have more lined up for you.

3. LG BP175

The third product on our list is the LG BP175.

LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player, with HDMI Port Bundle...
  • This bundle comes with a 6' HDMI cable
  • Blu-ray & DVD playback - make the most of your HDTV: Blu-ray Disc playback delivers...
  • Streaming Services: CinemaNow, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube

A Blu-ray player is likely to be an integral part of your home theater. This LG player will suit that job down to the ground as it offers a clear 1080p picture, USB playback and internet connectivity for streaming content. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature 4K which is a little bit disappointing. Yet for the most part, unless you’re watching the newest films and have a 4k supported TV Display as well, it’s not really necessary. What’s more, its low price point and other features definitely make up for the potentially lower resolution picture. When it comes to setting up your home theater system, this Blu-ray player connects to the internet using a very stable and fast wired Ethernet connection. There’s no wifi option, something which is important to keep in mind for those who don’t have an Ethernet cable near their entertainment room. But the ability to connect to the internet in any way does mean you can access apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime without needing to link up to a computer. Just open the player menu and when you connect to the web, the options will be there. 

Furthermore, the BP175 can play CDs and DVDs in addition to Blu-rays and it fully supports a large number of audio and video technologies such as Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and many more. 

Once again, this compatibility makes it a great home theater choice, giving you high-definition surround sound. So, if you’re looking for a 1080p-capable device that can effectively stream and play discs for less than the cost of a lot of streaming services, then the LG BP175 won’t disappoint.

  • It’s well priced considering the high build quality.
  • It has an ethernet connection that works well for streaming.
  • It has everything feature needed for home entertainment systems.
  • It has no wifi connection options.
  • Its user interface provides very little information.

The LG BP175 is a sleek, minimalist device that would suit anyone looking to get a high-end theater-quality experience at home. 

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2. Panasonic DP-UB420-K

The second product on our list is the Panasonic DP-UB420-K.

Panasonic Streaming 4K Blu Ray Player, Ultra HD...
  • Premium home entertainment enjoy high-dynamic range playback in three 4K/HDR formats...
  • Panasonic HCX Processor (Hollywood Cinema experience) delivers powerful, precise...
  • Works with Alexa command a variety of operations without your remote with Alexa, Plus...

With its compact design, this Panasonic player measures in at around 12.5 inches wide. This makes it perfect for TV-centric home entertainment systems where space is at a premium. The small size makes it a lot easier to slot in alongside a games console or another dedicated media streamer than a full-sized Hi-Fi system would. 

Additionally, there are two HDMI outputs, one is an audio-only output, but there’s also a digital optical audio output and an Ethernet port. Should you not be able to hardwire the player to your router you’ll still find wifi built-in.

 Moreover, a perspex fascia slides down when needed to reveal a disc drive and USB port, so you should have all the connection options required. The supplied remote is small and distinguished by a dedicated Netflix button but there are also on-body controls for eject and power. 

Furthermore, this player employs the same core HCX image processing seen on the brand’s top-tier models, including 4K Direct Chroma upscaling. Its Playback system is compatible with 4K UHD Blu-ray, standard discs, in addition to 3D Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs. One cool feature found here is an HDR optimizer. This enables you to moderate the deck’s HDR output to better suit your display device. Menu options include OLED, Super High luminance LCD, Middle or High luminance LCD and Basic Luminance for projectors and low brightness sets. 

What’s more, the image quality is outstanding. There’s no apparent shortfall in image detail or broad color handling. 

Moreover, the player’s ability to display in-shadow detail is excellent. While you’ll probably find the most value in playing 4K media, the player also does a fine job with regular HD discs – So, if you’ve got an extensive collection of standard Blu-rays, you can be confident they’ll look great here.

  • It’s compact enough to fit in with existing systems.
  • It comes with a wifi connection as well as 4K compatibility.
  • It provides excellent image quality regardless of the media type.
  • It doesn’t work well as a CD player.
  • Its build quality, though solid, feels unrefined.

The Panasonic DP-UB420-K would be an excellent addition to any home, thanks to its versatile range of features. 

1. Sony UBP- X700M

Finally, our top Blu-Ray Players the Sony UBP- X700M. 

Sony UBP- X700M 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Streaming...
  • See the unrivalled visual clarity of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
  • Play almost any disc and file format
  • Stunning picture with 4K upscaling up to 60p

If you want an easy, affordable route into the world of 4K Blu-ray then the Sony UBP-X700M is a great contender. It provides you with an Ultra HD viewing experience while also bringing a bunch of streaming services to the table. As standard, the Sony X700M comes with Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, Spotify, Hulu, Netflix and Youtube. This alone probably makes the Sony UBP-X700M a must-get Blu-Ray Player for most of you out there. Yet combined with all of that is also Dolby Vision and HDR 10 support to make your viewing experience that much better. It’s one of the most capable 4K players in the market, producing pictures stacked full of detail. 

The Sony displays a wonderfully nuanced picture that’s impeccably balanced while being highly detailed. 

What’s more, the sound quality is equally rousing with it’s lively, dynamic character complimenting the high clarity pictures. Despite not having a hi-res audio badge, the X700 can also play up to 24bit 192kiloHertz files in all popular formats without a problem. It can also upscale files using two different settings, Auto 2K and Auto 4K which makes sure that you can enjoy excellent picture quality no matter the resolution of the movie or disc you are playing. This also includes AV, FLAC, and DSD. 

Additionally there’s also plenty of smart functionality throughout the system and twin HDMI outputs for even more connection options. All in all, this Sony machine is a brilliant device that can boost all manner of home cinema systems.

  • It’s great value for money.
  • It comes with a range of streaming apps pre-loaded.
  • It produced exceptional clarity on all media formats.
  • It can effectively upscale older disks to higher resolutions.
  • Its remote is small and easy to lose.

The Sony UBP- X700M is an excellent all-rounder that checks every box in terms of convenience, range of functions, and quality. 

Top 5 Best Blu-Ray Players

So that sums up, Best Blu-Ray Players. We hope you enjoyed it. Until next time have a great day.

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